OCT is a professional theater company that casts collaborative adult and youth actors, dedicated to the craft of theater, who are willing to work hard and have fun.

Find out how to reserve an audition slot below!


Registration for auditions for the 2019-2020 season is now open. Auditions will be held May 30-June 2, 2019. Please read the instructions below, then follow the link to register.


Prepare a one-minute monologue and 16 bars of music to sing a cappella. Please bring your resume and recent headshot or photo. Read on for what we prefer to see and tips for anyone new to the audition process. Student actors can develop and polish their acting skills through a wide selection of OCT Acting Academy classes (please note that attending AA classes is not a prerequisite for being considered). We seek for our auditions to be inclusive; if you need an accommodation of any kind, please let us know.

ROLES: All available roles for the season can be found here. This season, we have three musicals and two plays. Auditioners should be at least nine years old to be eligible for the available roles.

RESUME: Be sure to include your contact information. List all shows you’ve been in (professional and non) including role, director, and company or school. Also list any film/camera/voice work, all training and classes (include company/school and instructors), and as well as specialty skills and interests.

HEADSHOT: This can be a professional 8x10 headshot, or a current photo. School photos work great. You do not need a professional headshot for OCT if your photo is current and looks like you.

MONOLOGUE: Your monologue should be memorized and no more than one-minute long. We strongly prefer that your monologue be selected from a play, and that you are familiar with the content of the play. Read about our upcoming plays here and choose something in a similar genre that is appropriate for you. We will also accept monologues from books for the youngest actors, but as they continue to audition they should work towards using selections from plays. Adults: we prefer a single contemporary monologue.

SONG: For general auditions, accompaniment is not provided, but we’d like to hear you sing 16 bars a cappella to get a general sense of your voice. If you choose not to prepare a song, that’s fine too, but we might ask you to sing “Happy Birthday.”


After season auditions, you won’t hear from us unless we want to call you back for a specific show; these are usually scheduled by October. We will keep your headshot and resume on file until next season’s auditions in case an opportunity arises. If you are called back, we will tell you what to prepare. Most likely you will be asked to read from the show’s script with other actors. For musicals you might learn some music or dance at the audition. Please check back at the top of this page to find out if a show has been cast.


Who will be at the auditions?
Stan Foote (Artistic Director), Marcella Crowson (Interim Artistic Director), and Dani Baldwin (Artistic Director, Young Professionals Company)will be at auditions. Additional directors are sometimes present as well. Members of our Young Professionals Company also assist with auditions.

What does OCT look for at auditions?
We look for people who know how to present clear characters as part of an ensemble.

Who does OCT cast?
We are committed to casting diverse actors who are professional, skilled, and collaborative as well as fun to work with. For our mainstage shows, we usually cast age-appropriately (youth for youth roles, adults for adult roles). Casting is a tough job – usually there are many very talented people that are not cast as well as the ones who are.

What if I can’t come to auditions or they were already held?
If you absolutely can’t make auditions, but still want to be considered for a role, please send your resume and headshot to our Production Associate. We may contact you for a callback audition later in the process.

Does this count as my YP audition?
If you’re interested in the Young Professionals Company, you will still need to sign up to attend an informational meeting here. If you let us know when you schedule, you can use this as your YP audition.

What’s the rehearsal schedule?
Rehearsal schedules may vary, but OCT shows generally rehearse Monday-Thursday evenings and Sunday days, beginning approximately 6 weeks before opening. If you have a smaller role, you might not be needed for the entire rehearsal process.

What’s the performance schedule?
OCT performs weekday mornings for school audiences and weekend matiness for the public. Please see our current season schedule for examples. All cast members will be expected to be available for all performances.

Other questions? Email us!