About Us

A Message From Artistic Director Stan Foote

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE TOTAL ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE! First there is the anticipation—counting down the days—then the ride to the theater, by Max, car, or bike. Entering in the Rotunda you see others like you who will share the experience. You have to sit in the giant chair just one more time and get your picture so you’ll have a souvenir of the day. You go up the stairs and into the most beautiful theater you have ever seen. As you enter the theater you get your own program, remember to keep that for autographs later. If it is your first time you are awestruck. The lights dim and you are all there together to experience something that is performed live just for you. Then the play begins.

The play is over, the applause is loud, and you’re a part of it. Quickly you head back to the Rotunda and collect autographs. On your way home you talk about what you liked best and maybe even sing part of a song you remember.

For many days you’ll think about the experience and wonder, “When can I see the next play?”  Live theater, it’s the experience of a lifetime.

Family Performances

Bring the whole family to see a show and create lifelong memories. We offer a season of plays suitable for a range of ages and fun for the entire family. Our season subscription packages are a great value, and a way to ensure you get the best seats and don’t miss out on fabulous theater adventures throughout the year.

School Field Trips

We have years of practice helping teachers organize field trips that support classroom learning. For many children, a trip to one of our plays is their first, eye-opening experience attending a professionally-produced play. We are committed to making such experiences affordable and easy to organize. Each year we provide free or discounted tickets to schools that would otherwise be unable to attend.

Acting Academy

Our Acting Academy teaches young people the art and craft of acting. Acting Academy students learn theater skills from Portland’s best teachers and professional actors. Our class sizes are small enough to ensure that each child gets plenty of attention. We invite young people who are very serious about acting to join our Young Professionals, a mentoring program providing advanced coaching and professional opportunities.

In-School Programs

Through our Loud & Clear program, we provide school workshops that use theater techniques to build confidence and improve oral presentation skills to reach benchmark standards in public speaking.

In partnership with Kaiser Permanente, our Educational Theatre Program provides free touring productions that promote healthy living. The programs prompt peer-to-peer learning experiences that reach students in a creative, nontraditional way.

Community Partnerships

We work with several community social service agencies to provide theater experiences to the children they serve, both by inviting them to our plays and by bringing workshops to their sites.

For twenty years, Oregon Children’s Theatre has been creating extraordinary theater for young audiences. We bring great stories to life on stage, with productions distinguished by their professional polish and awe-inspiring staging. We stand out by presenting our plays on Portland’s grandest stages and by using the best directors, actors and theater designers we can find.