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Eleanor Bray, YP Alum

What did you appreciate most about the YP program at OCT?

The YP program gave me a community (outside of school) full of people who really cared about theatre-- these weren't just kids who did the school play, these were people who wanted to be involved in the theatre world in every which way. Some of the young adults I came up with in the YP program are still some of my closest friends today. 

The YP program also did what not many people do for teenagers: they treated us like adults. We were expected to behave professionally at rehearsals, in classes, etc, and in return we were given the same respect given to the adult actors (or directors, or whatever). We were even paid when working on a show, which at 16 I found very thrilling (I remember buying shoes with my first paycheck, an incredibly important purchase that I do not regret at all!!)

How did the YP program prepare you for a higher education in theatre?

I went on to study Anthropology at Barnard College, Columbia University so I cannot speak directly to a theatre education, but I can say that the YP program helped me better understand what types of theatre I loved and what types I hated. I remember taking a YP class and getting exposed to many different methods of acting--Meisner? Interesting! Viewpoints? I'll pass, thanks. What sort of plays do I enjoy reading? What types of writing do I think sucks? What makes "good directing"-- what should I be looking for? Is improv terrifying, or is it actually the most fun thing you'll ever do in your life? These are some of the things the YP program opened my mind to, and for that I am forever grateful.

Do you have any auditioning/general college advice for the current YP’s?

I auditioned for I think 11 colleges, and then ended up not going to a BFA theatre program. So I will say to current YPs: You don't have to go to theatre school to be an "actor." You don't have to go to theatre school to love theatre! I consider myself an actor and I only perform now and then, and most of it is improv comedy around New York City. I still try to see plays and musicals whenever my wallet affords it, and I currently work for a television production company where I'm reading tons and tons of scripts-- a lot of them plays!

That being said, if you want to go to theatre school, do it! Don't let someone tell you it's a waste of time, money...The next for years are for you.

Ashlee Waldbauer, YP Alum

What did you appreciate most about the YP program at OCT?

What I appreciated the most about the YP program at OCT was their ability to really create unique and genuine artists. All of the teachers, especially Dani and Stan, are so helpful and really want you to succeed in the real world. Without them and the YP program I don't think I would be pursuing a career in the arts. They really have pushed me to be the artist I am today.

How did the YP program prepare you for a higher education in theatre?  

The great thing about the YP program is that they really give you the tools you need in order to be prepared for the real world. I remember during my senior year, auditioning for all of these college programs and feeling very prepared because of all the past work I had done at OCT. One of the many things I loved about the YP program was all of the different classes they offer. Because of those classes, I had found so many different outlets in the theatre that I loved, like directing and choreography. I can confidently say that I am using all of the skills I have learned as a YP in the professional and college world.

Do you have any auditioning/general college advice for the current YP’s?

One of the biggest things I would say to someone auditioning for college or auditioning in general is that everyone is going to have a different opinion, and that you have no control over that. So I would say stick to your gut. If you are auditioning with material that you are just not feeling, change it and find something else that you love to perform, because the audience can tell if it's something that you are not fully committed to. Also, one of the main things I learned through the YP program is that I am not just a performer, but I am an artist. So don't sell yourself short. If you wanna be an actor, designer, and a playwright then go for it. Don't limit yourself to one thing, because I personally believe that it is so important to be a well rounded individual, and that's what colleges and directors in general are interested in seeing.