Young Playwrights for Change

OCT is proud to host the Oregon chapter of Young Playwrights for Change, a national playwrighting competition for middle-schoolers.

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Young Playwrights for Change
Empathy in Action: Combating Bullying

How do you address bullying in your school or community? How do you help others who are being bullied? Young Playwrights for Change challenged young playwrights to explore those questions as this year’s topic.

2017 Finalists

Congratulations to this year's finalists!

OCT's National Young Playwrights for Change Submission
Monster Under My Bed  
by Annika Duyvestein, Grade 7, da Vinci Middle School
Not all heroes wear capes, and three of them happen to be thirteen-year-old girls battling sexism, racism, and body-shaming. 

Berlin 1933
by Holland Rhoads, Grade 6, da Vinci Middle School
A time and a place described from the perspective of two different classmates - one ripped from her home, and one powerless to do anything but witness it.

It’s Hard to Understand
by Kate McStay, Grade 7, da Vinci Middle School
Math? A foreign language? Parents? Drew finds it hard to understand her bullies, who, it turns out, aren’t all that different than her. 

Boys Cry
by Estacada Thorsen, Grade 8, Creative Science School
Instead of fighting back, Bella looks past Will’s bullying treatment of her to understand why he is fighting back tears. 

What Makes A Bully
by Riley Cook, Grade 7, da Vinci Middle School
The voice in Grace’s head always knows the perfect response to Camille’s hurtful behavior – but knowing the words and speaking them are two very different things. 

Never Enough
by Julian Geary, Grade 8, da Vinci Middle School
Through evocative spoken word poetry, “Never Enough” shows two young men who are determined not to let their past determine their future. This rhythmic short piece confronts racism, Islamaphobia, and bystander intervention.

It’s a Two Way Street
by Hazel True, Grade 7, Creative Science School
Sebastian tries to acknowledge the elephant in the room—his two friends obviously like each other. Oh, and there is an audience watching their every move. 

About Young Playwrights for Change

Young Playwrights for change is a playwriting contest for middle school students that invites 6th to 8th graders to submit original, 10-minute plays on a featured topic selected by a national committee. From submissions received, Oregon Children’s Theatre (OCT) selects scripts to be featured in a staged reading at the YP Studio Theatre. Of these scripts, one is submitted to the national Young Playwrights for Change national competition, hosted by Theatre for Young Audiences/USA and the American Alliance for Theatre and Education, for a chance to win a trip to San Francisco California. More information about Young Playwrights for Change can be found at:

6th-8th Grade Teachers! 

We are pleased to offer FREE workshops to help your students delve into the topic of bullying, and build foundational playwriting skills! Workshops are typically offered as 5 1-hour sessions, but can be adjusted based on classroom needs. If you are interested in a workshop for your students, please contact Tamara Carroll at

Due to demand, preference will be given to classes where the teacher will make this a graded assignment. 


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