OCT tells great stories on stage, but we inspire personal stories as well. Teachers, students, and audience members share theirs below.

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 “Many of my students hadn't ever been to live theater, or it had been years since they had attended a play. What an experience…My class will continue reading "A Wrinkle in Time" until the end of the year and, being ELL students, this experience will bring the story to life and enhance their comprehension tremendously.”
–Middle School Teacher

 “The children were amazed by what they saw, one child kept asking me ‘Is it real, is it real?’”
–Elementary School Teacher

 “I am usually a very shy girl but you helped me gather up all my courage to give a wonderful speech about New York City. You made it really fun to perform my speech. I’d really love to have you back.”
–Student who participated in OCT’s in-school public speaking workshop

 “It was super fantastical! My favorite part was the whole trip.”
–3rd Grade Student

 “We would like to extend our deepest gratitude for opening your hearts and beautiful performance to the children and families at CCA. For one afternoon, they were able to escape the rigors of cancer treatment and the isolation that many of them face, and be around other who are going through a similar situation while having a blast at Pinkalicious!”
–Children’s Cancer Association