Special Thanks

Help us give a big high five to these donors whose support brings theater and theater education to over 120,000 families every year!

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These donors are leaders in supporting our productions, the development of original plays, education services for students and teachers, partnerships with social service agencies, free services to disadvantaged schools, and much more.

Supporting Sponsors $5,000 & above

Arntson-Fettig Family
Ken deLaski & Sarah Goracke
Ronni Lacroute
Josie Mendoza & Hugh Mackworth
Stan & Susanne Penkin
Kyle & Sophia Spencer

Producer’s Circle $2,500–$4,999

Dennis A. Edwards
Andrew Eggert
Stan Foote
Andrew & Nita Gibson
Drs. Yasodha Gopal & Todd Caulfield
Jessie Jonas
Travis Paakki & KelliAnn Klindtworth
Andrew, Nichole & Lauren Martin
Jessica Poehler
Sonny & Diane Sonnenstein

Spotlight Circle $1,000–$2,499

Dani Baldwin & Tim Ferkel
Sarah & CJ Barkema
Kate Bowman
Campbell Pet Company
Duncan & Cindy Campbell
Ginger Carroll
Jennifer Cies
Evie Crowell
The Murawski-Demarest Family
Bill Dickey
Ann Brayfield & Joe Emerson
Mark & Whitney Friel
Andrew & Nita Gibson
Vatea Herman & Jonny
Carrie Leonetti
Jill Long & Ben Lenhart
Teri & Randy Lund
Sondra & Gordon Pearlman
Jeanie-Marie Price & Erik Christensen
Bobbie Regan & Barrett Stambler
Robin Remmick & Ross McKeen
Kean Spencer
Nancy Stevens
Marilyn & Gene Stubbs
Shannan Troyer
Wendy Martel Vilkin

Oregon Children’s Theatre thanks the following corporations, foundations, and government agencies for their generous support:

OCF Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation
The Hearst Foundations
Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund
James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation
Ritz Family Foundation
Summer Lea Hillman Foundation
Trust Management Services
The Vibrant Village Foundation