Read Write Act

Students learn the adaptation process from “page-to-stage” as they dramatize scenes from a book and bring their scripts to life on stage.



Students learn a method of adapting a story for the stage as they read a book then dramatize several key scenes that tell the story. Those scenes will then be staged into a reading of the script for the final class. In the process, students demonstrate reading comprehension, work collaboratively, and learn the key differences between two written forms, while meeting standards in literature and writing – and having fun!

"Thank you for teaching us lessons to have for the rest of our lives"
–Fourth grade student

Read, Write, Act residencies include:

  • Planning session with classroom teachers to choose a text, determine learning goals, and familiarize teachers with Read, Write, Act vocabulary and teaching methods

  • Comprehensive teacher guide provides sample activities to ensure learning continues long after OCT instructors leave the building

  • A five week in-class residency – five 50-60 minute hands-on sessions with students. The residency culminates in a staged reading – a great opportunity to invite parents, reading buddies, or other members of your school community to celebrate your students’ work


Read, Write, Act is aligned with Common Core State Standards in Language Arts and is designed for students in grades 3-8.

Key Concepts:

  • Critique

  • Story analysis

  • Plot

  • Character Development

  • Storyboard

  • Presentation

  • Learn to represent narrative visually and through use of dialogue.

  • Basic acting skills related to character analysis and Reader’s Theater, including reading aloud from a script and following stage directions and blocking notes.

Residency Fees:

  • Classrooms are $410 each (first 3 classrooms)

  • Plus $370 for each additional classroom

  • Plus $225 one-time 60-minute teacher planning session. (Copies of the Read, Write, Act Teachers' Guide are included.)


Funding Assistance Available!
Schools with 70% or more of students on free/reduced lunch are eligible to apply. To apply, complete our online application. Funded residencies occur in the Fall Term only (September-December). Click here.

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