What themes are addressed in this performance?

Our production focuses on the uses of electricity, how electricity is made, and electrical safety, both inside and outside of the home. Also addressed is the inherent power in making good choices.

How long is the performance?

The entire Pedro’s Path to Power assembly is 45 minutes in length. This includes time for seating, an introduction, a 35 minute show, and dismissal.  We will need access to the performance area for sixty minutes preceding the assembly, and thirty minutes immediately following the assembly for set-up and break-down. Please be sure that this time is reserved on the school's master calendar!

Is it okay for the actors to set-up or break-down their equipment in the cafeteria while the kids are eating lunch?

We are happy to share the space for our set-up for the 40 minutes of our hour set-up time, if absolutely necessary. After that time, we will need for the space to be student-free so that we can do a sound-check. (If possible, we would love to have sole use of the space during load-in and load-out, though we understand your school’s schedule may prohibit this.)

Is it okay for the actors to perform on the floor? Do they need a stage?

The floor actually works very well and we often perform in gymnasiums without stages. Due to the interactive nature of the production it is especially helpful for the actors to be close to the audience. So, as long as the students in the back can see, and there is a 20' x 20' cleared playing area for the actors and their set and equipment, the floor is actually preferable. The other nice thing about performing on the floor is that the actors don't have to adjust to lighting variables (bright areas and dark areas) the way they do on a stage. Please do make sure that the space is closed to student traffic during the performance, and if possible silence additional bells during the performance.

What are the technical requirements of the performance?

When we arrive at your school, it would be helpful to have a school representative assist us in finding the best load-in access to the performance space. We will also need someone to procure us a folding chair, a six foot table, and access to a working electrical outlet. We will bring our own sound system and microphones. Also, due to the interactive nature of this performance, we find it's ideal if the actors can perform on the floor instead of a stage. Note: a 20' x 20' performance area is needed in addition to the student seating area.

How can I prepare my students for seeing this show?

Before our visit, be sure to check out our online supplementary materials by clicking here. On this page, teachers can find lots of classroom activities, vocabulary lists, and more.

I’m having trouble submitting the online form. Can I book over the phone?

If you’re having trouble with the form, please call Kerry Ryan, our Booking Manager, at 503-467-0550 or email her at kerry@octc.org.

Is it OK to schedule a performance for just my grade?

Because we offer our programs at no charge to schools, it’s important that we make the best possible use of our resources. For that reason, we like to perform for as many grades as possible (within K-3) when we visit your school.

Can grades other than K-3 attend the performance?

We gear our productions towards appropriate grade-level content, so please schedule the assembly for grades K-3 only. Thank you for your understanding.

We have 400 kids. Can we still have one assembly?

Because of the nature of the show, there is a firm cap of 300 students per assembly. We are happy to do two assemblies at your school to accommodate all of your students.

Do you perform for community organizations as well as in school settings?

At this time, we are only performing in schools.

We don’t have the minimum audience size of 50. Is there any way our students can see this production?

There are a couple of options in this situation. First, please notify us of your interest. We can keep a waiting list in the event we have a last minute cancellation near your school, and we can notify you if we schedule any public performances. Second, contact a school near yours and ask them if they’d be willing to book a performance and allow your students to attend, or, if you have a suitable performance space, invite another school to attend a performance at your school (if you do this, be sure they or you let us know – it’s always helpful to know the schools willing to create these kinds of partnerships).

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks again for supporting educational theater opportunities for your students and we look forward to visiting your school!