On the Eve of Friday Morning

February 26-March 20, 2011

An ancient Persian tale. A timeless story of kindness and generosity.




Young Nassrin is a girl living in modern Iran whose father has just been arrested for smuggling banned books. To ease her fears, Nassrin's mother tells her an ancient tale.

Concurrently, Bahad, an orphan boy from a thousand years past, listens as a wandering storyteller narrates the same tale. The two worlds, separated by the ages, intertwine as Nassrin and Bahad step into the story and meet a poor twig-gatherer, a spoiled princess, and the mysterious and powerful Mushkil Gusha—the Remover of Obstacles. 

Dates & Times
February 26—March 20, 2011

Winningstad Theatre, 1111 SW Broadway, Portland

"Here, playwright Norman Allen has used the love of stories as a device to unite cultures and show the universality of young people who all are drawn to a good narrative, but also share homework deadlines, love of pop music and a facile knowledge of the internet." — OregonLive

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