Illustration by Taki Soma.

Illustration by Taki Soma.


‘I’d never thought I looked different from the other kids at school, even though most of them were Caucasian. But when I went to school the day after Pearl Harbor, I realized I did look different. My hair was black, my skin was darker, and my eyes were almond-shaped. My face was the face of the enemy.’

In 1942, 12-year-old Ben Uchida and his family are forcibly removed from their home in San Francisco and relocated to Mirror Lake Internment Camp, along with hundreds of thousands of other Japanese-American families. In this unfamiliar place, removed from everything he once knew, Ben’s emotional journey is even more upsetting than his physical one. Ben’s journal details–with anger, despair, sadness, and hope–a dark chapter in this country’s history, and tells a story that is relevant, moving, and one that cannot be forgotten.


“The marvelous thing…is that it provides a safe space to examine a scary world. It provides an opening for kids to have the conversations that adults don’t want to have.”
–Courtney Sale, Seattle Children’s Theatre


The Big Ideas
It is important to learn from historical events.
You can persevere through challenges that feel impossible and unjust.
Different cultures and races should be respected, not feared.
Your history, culture, and heritage are an important part of who you are.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.
Runtime: 60 minutes.

Content Advisory: This show uses historically accurate language that reflects the reality of the setting of the play (1940s America during WWII), including racial slurs, as well as some content that may be difficult for younger audience members.

Winningstad Theatre, 1111 SW Broadway



February 29–March 15, 2020
Saturdays at 2pm & 5pm
Sundays at 11am & 2pm

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