When you’re a pirate, you don’t have to eat vegetables or go to bed at all. You can talk rough, and sword fight, and say “Arrrgh!” any time you want. It’s a perfect life…except that there is no one to tuck you in at night, or give you kisses, or read stories to you. What’s a pirate to do? Find out as you set sail on a musical adventure! Avast me hearties, only a bilge rat or scurvy dog would miss this peg-tapping show. 

Dates & Times
April 30—May 22, 2011

Winningstad Theatre, 1111 SW Broadway, Portland


"This hourlong adventure, filled with hearty singing, lively choreography, a handful of jokes for the adults...and one great slow-motion swordfight, might make anyone else long to fly the Jolly Roger for at least a little while." — OregonLive

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