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In October 2018 OCT’s Young Professionals Company took on the exciting artistic challenge of a world premiere musical. Commissioned for the YP Company, the musical was a collaborative and artistic achievement.

In Shiver: a musical ghost story, a mute boy, Gailen, goes missing during a sudden snowstorm. Local teens are plunged into a mysterious game of manipulation, revelation and terror. As Gailen appears to them, ghostly and threatening – he puts on his headphones and all are possessed by song – the songs he wrote in solitude in his home studio - the songs of their secrets, their fears, their truths…the songs of his observations. This experimental pop/electronic musical asks the question: when we hold onto what we hide, are we only left to suffer…to shiver…? This premiere cast album is recorded and mixed, imagining how Gailen would have finished his work had he not met his terrible fate… In many ways, this recording completes his story…

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About the Premiere Cast

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Executive Producer: Matthew B. Zrebski / Producer: Matthew B. Zrebski / Advising Producer: Brandon Woods / Recorded at Nettleingham Audio and Studio Z / Mixed at Studio Z by Matthew B. Zrebski / Mastered at Nettleingham Audio by Kevin Nettleingham / Arrangements, MIDI sequencing, Instrumental Performance: Matthew B. Zrebski / Released by Woodsway Entertainment

 The world premiere of Shiver: a musical ghost story was performed at the Young Professionals Studio at Oregon Children’s Theatre (Portland, OR) October 26 – November 11, 2018. The show was produced by the Young Professionals Company (Dani Baldwin, Artistic Director) at Oregon Children’s Theatre (Stan Foote, Artistic Director).