Why would you, of all people, take a kid to see “children’s theater”? 


Don’t you have better things to do than watch a bunch of adults, who are usually so serious and dull, being silly or loud or sad or ridiculous just to amaze a kid you love? I mean, who wants to be transported into a world of imagination and story? Who wants to experience characters and emotions that are both otherworldly and completely relatable? Do you really need the magic, the transformative magic of a live performance, in your life? Is seeing that magic through a child’s eyes right for you? Let’s get real here: do you like creating memories that will be the springboard for future play in a young person you love? 


That sounds amazing. 

When you’re snuggled in your seats and the curtain rises, know that you’ll see more than just a show; you will experience a new, special connection with a child who is special to you. 

Oh, and that kid will probably have fun, too. 

There will be many performances of NAKED MOLE RAT GETS DRESSED: THE ROCK EXPERIENCE in the coming years, but this performance will be a special, magical, unique communication between the actors, the other audience members, and you. How cool that you get to be a part of this singular experience.


Mo Willems 

Author, illustrator, playwright, former child. 


Copyright © by Mo Willems. Used with permission.