Holly Wigmore

We were lucky enough to ask Holly Wigmore, teaching artist at OCT, a few questions. Holly, a performer, producer and teaching artist, has been a part of the OCT family for about two years.  This summer, she’s teaching Intermediate Acting and Roald’s World through our Acting Academy.

As a Teaching Artist at OCT, what’s an experience that still sticks with you?  
Holly: One of my favorite OCT memories is hearing from parents about their children coming out of their shell in theater. I've heard parents tell me that their children are shy or have trouble paying attention. It always gives me so much joy when a young person finds their "thing," and I feel honored to help facilitate that with them.

What’s your Patronus?
Holly: My Patronus is probably a fox. I'm loyal like a canine, but I can be tricky!

What’s something you can’t live without? 
Holly: My cats, Tomato and Ramona.

 What fuels your creative process?
Holly: Relationships and telling stories. I am fascinated by how humans interact with one another, and I think it is vital in a theatrical process.

What advice would you give someone who’s interested in theater?
Holly: Remember that the journey is the point. Laughing in rehearsals, trying new things, and making mistakes are just as - if not more important - than any kind of final product.

Theater Skills = Life Skills!