We wanted to take a moment and introduce our Camp OCT Director—the multi-talented, master of fun, fanny pack all-star—Bubbling Brooke! We had the pleasure to sit down with our s’more lovin’, safety-adorin’, and anything-but-boring, Camp Director to chew the proverbial fat. 

OCT: Ever had any wild encounters with animals?
BB: I once had a tug-o-war with a raccoon that got into my last few Cliff bars.

OCT: Favorite scent?
BB: Pine cones, coffee, and washing detergent.

OCT: Favorite accessory that is also helpful to have at camp?
BB: A fanny pack—then ALL your other accessories can fit in there and be organized.

OCT: Favorite movie?
BB: Wet Hot American Summer—what an awesome documentary.

OCT: Tie-dye or flannel?
BB: Flannel. Tie-dye is too hard to color-coordinate with.

OCT: Are you more of a lazy river kind of person or kayaking rough waters?
BB: Kayaking, as long as I have had my safety training, flotation devices, ear plugs, nose plugs, goggles, and an extra pair of underwear.

OCT: Favorite meal at camp?
BB: Grilled Cheese—you can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

OCT: First crush?
BB: Jonathon Lambert at my first camp. We shared a grilled cheese sandwich one day at lunch.

OCT: Anything else you’d like to share?
BB: Advice to campers and counselors alike: 'Your smile is your best tool in life (aside from your whistle).'

End your summer with a rousin’ good time and join us for Camp OCT on August 19! Find out more about our evening soirée HERE.


*The part of Bubbling Brooke will be played by OCT all-star, Emily June Newton.  Learn more about Emily’s work HERE