Come one, come all! Prepare for an amazing sideshow spectacle from James and the Giant Peach Set Designer Mark Haack. Director Stan Foote tells us that the idea to focus on this theme for the set of the Roald Dahl classic came from the lyrics at the top of the show: 

"Come with me to see something strange unfold
Hear the weirdest tale that was ever told

From this rare depiction
Some will swear it's fiction
Yet, each peculiar twist that I tell is true
And you shall see it in plain view
Right before your eyes
Marvel as magic is on display
All might seem tragic
But then it's okay!"

A sideshow is the perfect place for the unexpected to happen, too. "We wanted to find a place where giant insects and magic potions could live," said Stan. It's true that anything is possible in James and the Giant Peach!

Check out these amazing designs from Mark Haack and see them on stage at the Newmark Theatre, now through May 29th! Get your tickets here.