OCT: What inspired you most when you were composing the score for Edward Tulane? How did you get started?

RS: The inspiration for the score came from my own memories of being read to when I was young. Sharing stories invites empathy, participation, and wonder. I started by writing from that feeling.

OCT: How do you think the music in the show helps tell the story?

RS: Edward experiences many very human feelings on his journey. Music helps us share these moments with Edward in a way that words cannot.

OCT: Were there any challenges you faced when composing the score?

RS: The biggest challenge was remembering that the most direct route to the miraculous is through the very simple.

OCT: Was there anything special you needed to do to help prepare the actors musically?

RS: I brought the initial themes to the actors early on. Part of our preparation together was discovering how the music fit into their own experience of the script, their instrument, and their roles. We spent a fair amount of time just playing with the musical ideas and allowing the music to land naturally.

OCT: Is there anything else you would like to add about the process of composing the score?

RS: Only that this process has been a great pleasure.