Wednesday night was the dress rehearsal for our Young Professionals Company show, Chrysalis. Here's what audience members had to say about the preview:

"We had the honor and privilege of attending the Dress/Preview of Chrysalis by Matthew B. Zrebski.

These young adults brought such talent, skill, and passion to the stage that we were drawn deep into their world, seeing reality through one person's perception after another. The skillful and measured application of echo and refrain serve to carry us through the story, weaving together each character's truth into the tapestry of reality. Zrebski takes on some of the heaviest issues of our time, and examines them in such a manner that we can all find something with which to empathize. In that moment, we can identify with others' struggles, and only then can we reach true understanding and compassion.

This is another of those Important-capital-i works in modern theater. 'Grow. Or Die.' It's a decision each of us faces every moment of every day. What's your choice?"

Chrysalis runs April 14-24 at the YP Studio Theater. Tickets are only $12 in advance, call 503-228-9571 to reserve your seats!