Here's what our audience members have to say about The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane:

"This was the best performance we have seen to date: the staging, the actors, it was stellar."

"This production brought a tear to my eye. Captured the story very well! We couldn't stop talking about the performance. Well done!!!!"

"The cast was absolutely fantastic!!!!"

"This play was sooo well done, it was a great representation of the book and great for my kid and I both."

"The story and performances were incredibly moving."

"We chose this show to kick off our spring break. My son read this book a few years ago as part of a school wide reading event and we loved it. We made a day of it; going downtown on max and to dinner and ice cream after. This production was amazing! We are looking forward to James and the Giant Peach which is my sons school wide book this year. What timing!"