Bad Kitty Live Sketches!

OCT invited several illustrators and comic artists to sketch the show live from the audience. Check out their interpretations below!

Roberta Gregory

Roberta is an award-winning author and illustrator who began professionally writing comics in the early 1970s at CSU Long Beach for their college humor paper. She continues to write her own comics from her current home in Seattle.


Kate Berube

Kate is the author and illustrator for her children’s zine Tater Totter, as well as for her debut children’s book, Hannah and Sugar. She received her BFA from the School of Art Institute of Chicago and currently lives in Portland.


Chad Essley

Chad is an independent animation director and cartoonist with close to 20 years experience working as a professional animator in the field of commercials, multimedia, and television. He runs an animation studio in NW Portland.


Graham Annable

Graham has created works for television, film, and video games for such entities as LucasFilm, Chuck Jones, Nickelodeon and Walt Disney Productions. Currently working at Laika, he co-directed The Boxtrolls, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2015.


Jeremy C. Joseph

Jeremy is the founder and director of Headache Films, a 2D animation studio in Portland. Examples of their clients include Cartoon Network, Nike, Disney, ESPN, and more.  Jeremy received his MA in Animation in the Netherlands.


S.W. Conser

S.W. Conser creates animated content for Portland-area studios and oversees contract work through his firm, Conch Communications.  He has also created storyboards for commercial and feature productions and animation studios.