Become a YP!

If you have an advanced level of theater training and the drive to reach your potential, the Young Professionals Company is the next best step.

Young Professionals are dedicated theater students–ages 14 and up–who seek advanced training through exposure to a wide range of college-level workshops and professional development. The YP program is dedicated to building a supportive community of theater peers, providing them with resources, information, and professional on-the-job experience.

YP Benefits:

  • Mentorship from OCT's artistic leaders, education team, instructors, and YP Reps.
  • College-level workshops, master classes, and special events.
  • Exposure to the theater community and tickets to professional theater productions.
  • Support and resources for parents.
  • Audition coaching, apprenticeships, and additional training opportunities.
  • Opportunities to be cast and crew for three professional YP Company productions.
  • And much more!

Use the form below to contact our Education Director and set up an initial interview.
*Due to space limitations, not everyone who applies will be accepted.


For questions contact:
Dani Baldwin
503-228-9571 x106,