Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre Program

ETP is a collaboration between Kaiser Permanente and Oregon Children’s Theatre to provide schools with engaging productions that promote healthy life choices. Our productions open the door for kids to immerse themselves in the action. To see if your school is within our service area, please visit etpnorthwest.org. All ETP Performances are FREE to schools.

The Pressure Point!

Grade Level: 4-6,  Touring Dates: September 16 - December 12, 2015

The Pressure Point

The Pressure Point! is a fun and engaging performance designed for grades 4, 5, and 6. Utilizing an interactive game-show format, this production addresses the importance of making healthy choices and responding to peer pressure in a positive way.

Students from the audience are brought onto the stage as contestants and then presented with challenges that explore themes of vision, choice, and leadership. As contestants choose possible reactions to each scenario, pros and cons of their choices are addressed, and tools are suggested for helping students make healthy decisions. All scenarios are taken from real-life stories shared by 4th-6th graders during the show's development.

All ETP performances are FREE to schools, and can be scheduled by completing the online Booking Request Form at etpnorthwest.org. Our website has more information about ETP, including study guides and reading lists. If you have questions, please contact Kerry Ryan at 503-228-9571, extension 116 or kerry@octc.org.

ACTIVE VOICES – Collaborating With High Schools

Active Voices

In the ACTIVE VOICES residency model, professional theatre artists partner with a classroom teacher to facilitate a theatre-based unit of study.  This series of lessons will help students explore essential skill or concept standards in the area of health and wellness.  Through theatre, students are able to engage their whole selves in these topics that affect their lives, and then to use that knowledge as they make choices that impact not only themselves but also their families and communities.

We develop our lesson plans for ACTIVE VOICES in response to the conversations we have with schools. By collaborating with teachers in this way, we strive to create impactful learning experiences for the students we serve. This fall, for example, we are partnering with Health Teachers to build interpersonal communication and decision-making skills in the mental health units of their curriculum.

We are currently seeking more partner schools in NW Oregon and SW Washington for the 2014-15 school year. If you are interested in ACTIVE VOICES Teaching Artists working at your school – or just want additional information about this exciting new project — contact Kerry Ryan at 503-228-9571, extension 116 or kerry@octc.org.