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DUE TO SCHOOL CLOSURES TODAY - NOVEMBER 13TH - BOTH THE 9:45 AND 11:45 PERFORMANCES OF IVY + BEAN HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. If you had a reservation for today, we will be rescheduling your field trip.

For children, a field trip is more than just a trip downtown. They learn that when they laugh or applaud or gasp at the same time as children they don’t even know, they are more alike than different. They are part of a larger circle than their classroom or their school. In a time when our need for civility, imagination, creativity and optimism is more important than ever, they have a chance to gather with peers from other schools and towns. When the lights go down, they become a new community. They become THE AUDIENCE.

Why plan a field trip with us?

  • EASE: Our administrative and theater staff make your field trip planning easy.
  • AFFORDABILITY: Prices range from $6.00 to $8.00. We also offer funding assistance.
  • CONTENT: Our plays bring great works of children’s literature to life on stage using professional stagecraft and high production values. We choose titles that teachers use in their classrooms, that families read at home with their children, and that connect to classroom learning.
  • RESOURCES: We provide free educational resources, including CCSS-linked Teacher Resource Guides, free play previews, and professional development workshops.

Educational Theatre Program

In partnership with Kaiser Permanente, we offer FREE touring productions designed to promote healthy living. The programs prompt peer-to-peer learning experiences that reach students in a creative, nontraditional way.

In-School Residencies

Loud and Clear, our public speaking residency program, uses theater techniques and experiential learning to build confidence and meet speaking and listening benchmarks. In Read, Write, Act, students adapt a work of literature into scripts for the stage.

Our public speaking residency program uses theater techniques to build confidence and meet benchmarks. Call to learn more or reserve a session. 503-228-9571