Schoolhouse Rock Live!

March 28-April 26, 2015

Get ready to rock out to educational, catchy, and beloved Schoolhouse Rock classic songs!




Meet Tom, a nerve-wracked school teacher on the eve of his first day of class. Will his students like him? How will he inspire them? His solution is a collection of songs that are none other than the educational, catchy, and beloved Schoolhouse Rock classics! Kids will have a blast learning their civics lessons with "I'm Just a Bill," hone their math skills with "Three is a Magic Number," and improve their writing with "Conjunction Junction." Adults will love this nostalgic trip back to 70's Saturday morning television.

Dates & Times
March 28-April 26 , 2015

Winningstad Theatre, 1111 SW Broadway, Portland

Live Sketches

OCT invites several illustrators and comic artists to sketch the show from the audience. Check out their work here!

Photo Gallery