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Object association worksheet
Can we interpret dreams? handout & worksheet
Can we interpret dreams? Student worksheet
Can we interpret dreams? Teacher copy
Compare-contrast blog handout
Compare-contrast theater terms
Free verse poetry brainstorming worksheet
Free verse poetry handout

James & The Giant Peach

Peach Lands in Portland! student page
Five W's notes
Portland Welcomes James schedule
Peach information
Happy Ever After student page
Peach stationery
All insect sheets
James photo list
All surroundings photos
Photos for approaching Portland
Downtown Portland photos
Steeplejacks at work
Downtown Portland map

Click, Clack, Moo

Category boxes
Close-up of typewriter keys
The Copy Press and the Polygraph
Farming words
Food Pyramid
Food grown in Oregon
Story Review key
Story Review pictures
Story Review sentences
Typewriter photo

Honus & Me: A Baseball Card Adventure

Statue in Pittsburgh
A Cinquain Poem
Honus Wagner
Honus Wagner at Home in Pittsburgh
Cinquain Diamond
Baseballs: Dead or Alive?
True or False
True or False Key
Map Study–Story Setting
Map Study–Story Setting key
The Ohio River Basin
The Source of the Ohio River
Comparing Prices: 1909-2009
Prices in 1909

Petite Rouge: A Cajun Red Riding Hood

Bingo Cards
Blank bingo card template
Cajun History: Fill-in-the-blanks
Cajun History
Cajun History Key
Color map
Gator Goods
Petite Rouge Vocabulary Key
Petite Rouge Vocabulary Pics
Little Red Riding Hood story versions
Safety Song


Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Peter and Fudge Character Study
Parent Character Study
Preview Questions
Character Trait Brainstorming
Character Trait Vocabulary
Turtle Power Answer Sheet
Turtle Power Worksheet

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse

Script excerpt
Mouse puppets
Big Mice on Bicycles
Find Someone Who...
Jingle Jangle
The Resonator
Student guide

The Ghosts of Treasure Island

Pirate Information Collection Key
Pirate Information Collection
Map and Timeline
Neahkahnie Treasure
Pirate Bingo
Pirate Code
Pirate Crew
Pirate List
Pirate Notes
Pirate Vocabulary
Venn Diagram

Einstein Is A Dummy

How Does This Work?
Bus Record Sheet
Bus Record Key
Electromagnet Lab
Perspective Lab #1
Perspective Lab #2
Light Lab