On Stage


The Magic Tree House: A Night in New Orleans

The Magic Tree House books have been taking young readers on amazing adventures for more than 20 years. In A Night in New Orleans (based on the book, A Good Night for Ghosts) fearless explorers Jack and Annie travel back in time to 1915 New Orleans where they encourage a young Louis Armstrong to follow his dreams. Featuring a live band, ghostly pirates, and a powerful message about dreams and possibilities, this musical introduces young audiences to the thrill of live theater and the joy of jazz!

Charlotte’s Web

The word is out, he’s “some pig,” “radiant,” “terrific!” A story of friendship, loss and love, Charlotte’s Web shines onstage. Intelligent, funny, and heartfelt, the book by E.B. White has captivated young readers for generations. When an affectionate pig named Wilbur is saved from slaughter and sent to live on a nearby farm, he finds a barnyard full of animals who quickly become family. But it’s the most unlikely of friends that prove to be his best — a spider named Charlotte who uses her skills to save Wilbur’s life once more, even as her own is slipping away. It’s the classic tale you know and love!


Zombie in Love

Adorable, charming, and silly! Kids will learn that even zombies need love! Mortimer is looking for love in all the usual places — like the gym (if only his arm would stop falling off) and the bus stop (too bad his chocolates were worm-filled). Nothing works. But when he takes out a newspaper ad to find a date to Cupid’s Ball, Mortimer is sure he’ll find the ghoul of his dreams waiting by the punch bowl. Haunting tunes and monster mash moves are sure to thrill audiences of all ages. It’s not easy being a brain-eating, graveyard-walking, bleeding-heart romantic, but this sweet story will make you believe in love after life.


The Giver

Jonas's world is perfect. Everything is under control. There is no war or fear or pain. There are no choices, individuality, or emotions—they are against the rules. When Jonas turns twelve he is selected to train with The Giver, who is the keeper of the entire Community’s memories, both good and bad. Now Jonas must shoulder the burden of memory and learn the harsh truths of what it means to live a life of sameness.


Fancy Nancy: The Musical

Don your most glamorous attire, pour a spot of tea, and join us for the most elegant musical of the year — Fancy Nancy! Nancy and her pals Wanda, Rhonda, Bree, and Lionel are super-excited to be dancing in a school recital. Nancy is sure she will be cast as a shimmering mermaid, but ends up as an ordinary, dreary tree. When Bree lands the coveted role, Nancy realizes that being fancy comes in many forms—all it takes is a dash of imagination, camaraderie, and a little joie de vivre!

Young Professionals Company

Join us for a fantastic series of plays for older audiences. Young Professionals (YPs) are dedicated theater students ages 13-18 who have been selected to participate in a year-long mentoring program.

All performances presented in the YP Studio Theatre located at 1939 NE Sandy Blvd

The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)

November 1–3 and 8–10, 2013 

Join three madcap men as they weave their wicked way through Shakespeare’s comedies, histories, and tragedies in a wild ride that will leave audiences helpless with laughter.

A WWII Radio Christmas: 1943 Edition

December 6–8 and 13–15, 2013

Back after two years of sold out performances with a whole new new show! Join the audience of a live Portland radio broadcast during World War II — complete with inspiring true stories, comedic sketches, and the songs that shook the airwaves. Travel back in time for this classic holiday tradition. Based on the Christmas from Home series by Pat Kruis Tellinghusen; originally performed by Tapestry Theatre.

Impulse! OCT’s Improv Troupe

March 6–8 and 13–15, 2014 

Impulse!, OCT's hilarious Improvisational troupe, returns for its seventh year! Our latest ensemble of Young Professionals take the stage to deliver fast-paced comedic scenes and games — all based on audience suggestions. No scripts, no costumes, and no idea what's about to happen!

Subscriptions available! Call 503-228-9571 for details.