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FROG & TOAD: "We were so engrossed, my kids and I kept looking at each other during the show with that, 'did you see how funny that was?'" -- Portland Stage Reviews

GATHERING BLUE: Willamette Week says "a 13-year-old in the audience found the story thought-provoking and the performances powerful." READ FULL REVIEW
GATHERING BLUE: ArtsWatch says, "Lois Lowry's Gathering Blue wraps an onstage adolescent adventure around a world of adult ideas." READ FULL REVIEW
GATHERING BLUE: The Oregonian says, "Gathering Blue finds shades of optimism amid dark vision of future society." READ FULL REVIEW
GATHERING BLUE: PDX Kids Calendar says, "The actors did a terrific job of adding depth to their characters so the audience could really connect to and believe in the people of the Village." READ FULL REVIEW.
GATHERING BLUE: Theatre Revies by Dennis Sparks says, "The designs of the set (Mark Haack) and costumes (Sarah Gahagan) are remarkable.  They give one the sense that you are really there." READ FULL REVIEW

STINKY CHEESE MAN: PDX Kids Calendar says, "I needn’t have worried. Familiar fairy tales, given a tongue-in-cheek spin, make up the core of the story, and had both kids on the edge of their seats throughout." READ FULL REVIEW
STINKY CHEESE MAN: The Oregonian says, "The Stinky Cheese Man' pokes holes in fairytale expectations." READ FULL REVIEW
STINKY CHEESE MAN: Oregon Arts Watch says, "There’s a good deal of tomfoolery in this hour-plus show, which of course is the intention. READ FULL REVIEW
STINKY CHEESE MAN: Portland Stage Reviews says "The Stinky Cheese Man is non-stop hilarious. The songs were so absurd and funny, at one point “DJ Ugly in the House” had me in tears." READ FULL REVIEW

LION: The Oregonian says, "A very good bad witch energizes Children's Theatre production." READ FULL REVIEW.
LION: PDX Kids Calendar says, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is another entertaining production with excellent acting that is a worthy part of the season that celebrates OCT’s twenty-five years of top-notch children’s theater."  READ FULL REVIEW
LION: Portland Stage Reviews says, "There is more value packed into your tickets than you can get for any other form of entertainment." READ FULL REVIEW.

PINKALICIOUS: Portland Stage Reviews says: "At one point I tore my eyes away from the stage to look around at the audience. I saw every child’s face glued to the stage with giant eyes soaking in every moment.: READ FULL REVIEW.
PINKALICIOUS: PDX Kids Calendar says: "[Pinkalicious] is just delightful, with peppy choreography, catchy songs and humor that’s both broad enough to amuse the kids in the audiences, but sly enough to give parents a laugh as well." READ FULL REVIEW

DUCK FOR PRESIDENT: PDX Kids Calendar says: "Cow and Hen are entertaining and engaging for kids and grownups. Cause let’s face it, the election process can be funny and fun, even as friends disagree on the issues." READ FULL REVIEW.
DUCK FOR PRESIDENT: Dennis Sparks says: "Although the script is somewhat lightweight in the satirical aspects, it is an excellent source for young  people’s exposure to the political workings of our system." READ FULL REVIEW.

LOCOMOTION: The Oregonan says, "Love, hope and inspiration triumph in 'Locomotion' at Oregon Children's Theatre." READ FULL REVIEW.
LOCOMTION: Metro Parent says, Locomotion is "...a tribute to humanity and a show well worth seeing." READ FULL REVIEW.
LOCOMOTION: PDX Kids Calendar's 9-year old reveiwer learns about writing and emotions. READ REVIEW.

THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS LIVE: PDX Kids Calendar says, "the day was a total success, the kids left happy, and everyone learned something." READ FULL REVIEW.

PINKALICIOUS: THE MUSICAL: The Oregonian says, "Cotton candy, ballerina tutus, party dresses and strawberry ice cream!" READ FULL REVIEW.

PINKALICIOUS: THE MUSICAL: Metro Parent says Pinkalicious is, "full of lively dialogue, catchy show tunes, and lots of laughs for little ones." READ FULL REVIEW.

A WRINKLE IN TIME: The Oregonian says, "Triumph for spunky female character passes test of time -- and space." READ FULL REVIEW.

HOW I BECAME A PIRATE: The Oregonian says, "this hourlong adventure, filled with hearty singing, lively choreography, a handful of jokes for the adult...might make anyone else long to fly the Jolly Roger for at least a little while." READ FULL REVIEW.

PDX KIDS CALENDAR SAYS, "The level of personalization that the Oregon Children's Theatre brings to their productions is phenomenal. They are not only putting on a play, but creating lifelong memories, for children and adults alike. "...it was one of the year's most sharply executed shows." READ FULL ARTICLE

THE OREGONIAN:  Fun 'Alice' rock opera offers psychedelic ride down rabbit hole. READ FULL REVIEW.

THE OREGONIAN SAYS:  "A rabbit that talks and carries a pocket watch is strange enough, but one that sings and plays electric guitar could really blow your mind...In this fun, fast-paced Wonderland, time flies." READ FULL ARTICLE.

OREGON MUSIC NEWS: "The White Rabbit twangs his electric guitar, the Mock Turtle belts the blues, the Cheshire Cat plays the keyboard, and when the Caterpillar opens her mouth to sing,  she sounds a bit like Mama Cass." READ FULL REVIEW

THE OREGONIAN SAYS "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a sweet dream of a production." Read full review here.




2008 - 2009 ANNUAL REPORT. View full report here.

AUDITIONS FOR THE 2009-2010 SEASON. Details here.

PETITE ROUGE: The Oregonian says: "...the gumbo's thick with familiar fairy tale elements, but the flavor is very much its own spicy stew." Read Review.

PETITE ROUGE: Willamette Week says: "Parents dreading the gazillionth retelling of a bedtime story will  warm to this clever Cajun twist." Read Review.

PETITE ROUGE: El Hispanic News interviews Joaquin Lopez, TeJean the cat. Read more.

THEATRE FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES TODAY - James and the Giant Peach on the cover.

2009-2010 Season: Barry Johnson previews the season in his Oregon Live blog.

HONUS AND ME: Willamette Week Pick

HONUS AND ME ON KBOO STAGE AND STUDIO (Reported by Frank Reynolds). Listen here.

HONUS AND ME: The Oregonian says: "...one of the best children's plays that will grace a Portland stage this year." Read the full review here.

CLICK, CLACK, MOO: The Oregonian review.

GOSSAMER: The Oregonian review.

GOSSAMER: Oregonian columnist Margie Boule says, "Gossamer is tough. But it also can make you believe in real world magic, and the redemptive power of love." Read Article Here

GOSSAMER: Marty Hughley previews this "fascinating and lyrical tale" in The Oregonian A&E Fall Arts Guide.  Read Article Here