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Photo of the Newmark Theatre

TWO FABULOUS STAGES at one GREAT LOCATION! OCT presents its mainstage plays in Hatfield Hall, home of the beautiful Newmark and Winningstad Theatres. Here, children are closer to the stage action, and are surrounded by the eye-opening atmosphere of one of Portland’s premier performance halls. Our venue is the ideal place for a child to acquire a life-long love of the performing arts.

Hatfield Hall

(Across the street from the Schnitzer at 1111 SW Broadway)

  • The Newmark Theatre was designed to emulate the Edwardian-style theaters of Europe and even though it is the largest of the theaters at Hatfield Hall, no seat in the theater is further than 65 feet from the stage. 1111 SW Broadway,
    Downtown Portland
    Photo of the Winningstad Theatre
  • The Winningstad Theatre is an Elizabethan or “blackbox” style theater. Innovative and intimate, the whole room is a stage, and the audience becomes part of the action. 1111 SW Broadway, Downtown Portland

Theaters are accessible to all patrons, including barrier-free access, with sign interpreted performances. For information on interpreted performances, please call 503-228-9571.