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ZOMBIE IN LOVE’s Illustrator Visits Portland for World Premiere

One of the key factors that sold OCT’s Artistic Director, Stan Foote, on adapting ZOMBIE IN LOVE for the stage were the book’s illustrations. Scott Campbell’s charming drawings made Mortimer the zombie come alive … again.  The production’s director, Marcella Crowson, and production designers were inspired by the illustrations when conceiving of the sets and costumes. The worms that form the chorus in our musical were modeled on the dozens of worms that appear throughout the original book.

So you can imagine our delight to have Scott C. (as he’s known in the comics world) come to Portland to see our world premiere last weekend.  After watching the show on Saturday, Scott stuck around to sign and illustrate books and programs for fans. 

We’re pleased to report that Scott C. gave our production an enthusiastic  review on his blog

In honor of Scott C’s visit, OCT invited a few local illustrators and comic artists to see the show with him.  The group got a pre-show backstage tour to learn how the show was put together and to see the sets and props up close.

We then encouraged our artistic guests, Lucy Bellwood, Mike Russell, and Graham Annable, to sketch their impressions during the show.  After the performance, the audience and cast members gathered around to gawk at the amazing results.  .

We will be hanging the original drawings in the lobby for the remaining two weekends of the run, but you can take a look them now by clicking on the artist's name below:

 Remember, these were all sketched quickly while the artists watched the show! 

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